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4 popular trends in home security systems

4 popular trends in home security systems

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by November 20, 2017 Uncategorised

The advancement in security systems makes it now easy to keep you updated about the status of your home from wherever you are in real time. It also enables prevention of common security threats before they occur. If you would like to install home security systems, here are some trends that might define your choice of the security systems.

1. Cloud integration

Cloud integration is the apex of integrating a home security system with home automation. With the cloud technology, you can store a vast amount of video and image data and send the same information to any part of the world. With the cloud integration, you can also set particular patterns to trigger a response from the integrated security systems.

The cloud enables you to slave any other system to the main system too. You can have camera feeds sent to your smart TV when there is a notification. You can also have voice notifications routed via your home theater when there is an occurrence.

2. Smartphone integration

The new home security systems enable homeowners to control various security systems at the touch of their smartphones. They receive notifications on their mobile phones so that they can take the desired action on time. For example, when a motion sensor is triggered, it may send a notification to the owner, and the CCTV camera near the sensor automatically sends a live footage of the area. This integration offers the convenience of up to date notifications.

3. Controls on the go

Since everyone is rushing to work or school, it is easy to forget to lock the doors or shut the window. Rather than going back home to check if the door is locked, you can confirm and control the door from your smartphone. You can also control your security lights or the AC unit. You can even send a code to a visitor at the gate so that they get home when you are not around. These features offer you the peace of mind and more control over what happens to your home.

4. Video security systems are getting better

Video monitoring has been there for a while. Nowadays, more and more homes are installing video surveillance systems as a primary type of deterrence. Fortunately, the CCTV technology has advanced tremendously in the last few years. The new popular features include concealed cameras, idling detection, following the object, integration to other security systems as well as zooming and rotation capabilities. You can access each of these features remotely.

More innovations are expected in the future. The aim will be to give more control to homeowners, seek help from relevant agencies and prevent a security threat long before it occurs.


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