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5 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

5 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

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by October 13, 2017 Uncategorised

Routine inspections are the best way to keep a roof in good condition. A roofer can inspect a roof for leaks, drainage issues, and any damage that may have occurred from debris and vegetation. If you are a homeowner, here are 5 reasons to get your roof routinely inspected:

1. Aging and Weathering

The typical life for a multi-ply bituminous low-slope roof is 20 to 30 years. For a single-ply roof, the benchmark is 15 to 25 years. All roofs will go through normal aging and weathering, which can be visible if a roof isn’t maintained. Furthermore, as weathering and aging occur, a roof is more prone to leaking. By scheduling routine maintenance, a roofer will be able to address any deficiencies before they develop into major problems.

2. Regular Maintenance Damage

When the roof of a home isn’t properly protected, it can become damaged from other tradespeople, which can occur due to the failure to close mechanical access panels on a roof. Furthermore, not all tradespeople clean up debris after they complete a project. Any debris that is left on a roof can become dangerous if not removed, so routine inspection will incorporate roof cleaning into an ongoing maintenance cycle.

3. Storm Damage

Hail, snow, high winds, and other weather can cause damage to a roof, which may need to be repaired. A roof should be inspected immediately after a serious weather event to prevent further damage. If a roof is damaged because of high winds or hail, it is usually a minor fix, but serious damage may require an entire roof replacement. In most circumstances, major storm damage to a roof is usually caused by debris such as tree limbs. Furthermore, when a roof isn’t inspected on a regular basis, it can call for emergency repair from storm damage, which is typically very costly. Routine inspections are the best way to keep a roof in optimal shape.

4. Leak Assessment

Most homeowners will have their roofs assessed for leaks following heavy rain, but a leak is only one factor of a problem that may have been developing for some time. In many cases, a roofer Toronto will be able to determine the problem that caused the leak, which will prevent further moisture infiltration deterioration such as rotting wood, wet insulation, corrosion, or mold.

5. Efficient Drainage

Proper roof slope and drainage are among the most important characteristics to keeping a roof in optimal shape. If water is standing on a roof, it will increase the chances of leaks and moisture infiltration. Furthermore, routine inspections will ensure drains are functioning properly. If leaves, trash, or other debris are obstructing the drain, it can cause standing water.

Establishing a routine schedule for inspections should be a top priority for homeowners. A roof inspection is inexpensive and can prevent costly repairs. Furthermore, routine inspections provide a better return on investment than most other home maintenance procedures.


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