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5 Signs You Need Emergency Roofing Services Fast

5 Signs You Need Emergency Roofing Services Fast

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by January 11, 2018 Uncategorised

Homeowners may put off hiring a roofer if their shingles are a bit worn or moss is growing between them. Emergency roof repair needs demand an immediate call to a reputable company before additional damage is done. Not only can these problems put your family in danger, ignoring them can lead to much more severe and expensive problems down the road.

1. Something Heavy, Large, or Spiky Fell on the House

“Well, it looks okay” is not a phrase that makes problems go away after a tree limb or other item lands on your roof. Even if there is no obvious hole or breakage, the smallest crack can let water, mold spores, or insects in to wreak havoc. Call a roofer for a full inspection.

2. Missing or Moved Shingles or Shakes

No matter what type of roofing material you have, it is well-designed to keep weather, water, and other problems out of your house. If any shingle or shake has shifted from its original position, broken or cracked, or flew off the roof entirely, you need an emergency fix.

3. Hail or Ice Storm

Hailstones as small as 1/2-inch in diameter can do considerable damage to roofing materials. Not only can hail dent gutters and shatter skylights, it knocks the protective granules off asphalt shingles, which makes them more prone to leakage.

Ice storms do not create percussion point damage but can lift or crack shingles and cause leaks.

4. Indoor Water Leaks or Ceiling Spots

By the time water leaks through your roof, the attic, any insulation you have up there, and the ceiling, considerable damage has occurred. Catch it as soon as possible and call out a roofer Toronto for regular inspections. The moment you find such a leak, call for emergency repair services fast.

5. Insect Activity

Although you may call a pest-control expert first to rid your home of the creepy crawlies, if any are on or in your roof, you need a roofing company just as fast. Insects can weaken the whole structure of your roof if left alone too long. Some signs of trouble include sawdust in the attic, “carved” tunnels in the wood, and unusual bird activity on your roof as they look for food.

Do not put off emergency roof repairs caused by wind, water, weather, or anything else. If the smooth shell of the roof is compromised, leaks form, insects invade, and more extreme damage can occur to your entire house. Contact an experienced roofer with good online reviews for fast and trustworthy help.


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