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6 Tips for Choosing Hardwood Flooring

6 Tips for Choosing Hardwood Flooring

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by September 13, 2017 Uncategorised

Choosing the most appropriate wood flooring for your house or home can be very difficult because you should consider the size and cost of your house. For most owners, they choose not to consider the wooden planks for wood flowing in their homes. This is because the tiles have a better, cheaper alternative as compared to the wood flooring in their homes. However, the vinyl wood planks can be equated to the conventional ceramic tiles. Therefore, they can be arranged on the floor just like you can arrange the tiles. They come in a wide range of time and shape. This makes it easier for you to find one that matches your prospects. Here are tips to consider before selecting the right hardwood flooring for your home.

1. Pay attention to the wood species

Hardwood species, which are common when you are looking for patterns, durability, and color, should be your best option. Cherry, maple, and oak are some of the common hardwood species because of their durability. Exotic woods like the Brazilian cherry and mahogany is not durable. However, they have a striking appearance. Most of these species are not friendly to the pocket because they are imported. Therefore, find one that suits your pocket needs.

2. Choosing the Right Color

Hardwood colors come to use in a wide range. They can come from black to blond depending on the finish and species. The color of the household items is determined by the floor color such as the accessories decoration and curtains. You should avoid sharp colors such as white or red. Colors such as mahogany or pale-brown are common because they fit into a wide range of decorative styles.

3. Different Floor Hardness

In a household with kids and pets, it is always the best idea to choose the hardest piece of wood or species. Hard species, such as the oak or red wine, have the capability to withstand tear and wear. On the other hand, soft species including the spine are easily scratched. The choice between solid wood or engineered wood can be determined by the subfloor, the location, and the preferred technique for installation.

4. Type of Finish

90 percent of all commercial woods are pre-finished. This means that you must consider finishing as an imperative factor. Because they are easy to install are always as clean as they look, the pre-finished products are the preferred is also important to note that the pre-finished hardwoods last longer than the others. Engineered hardwood floor is also hard to refurbish due to the thickness overlying the vernier differs.

5. Choose the Right Texture

The hardwood texture is an important factor to consider when selecting wood flooring. While you can gain access to the hardwood floors that can be very shiny and look new, you can also purchase new hardwood that adds a time crown and looks old to your room. There are many stores you can get the hardwood to purchase in the country. You can also get online stores for the same product as well. Choosing a beautiful, good texture for your floor goes a long way into showcasing your taste to your visitors. You need to pick between the engineered or solid.

6. Maintain your Hardwood Floors

Whichever you choose, proper maintenance, polishing, and preventative care will keep the floors look good all the time for a long time to come. You should also ensure you know the cost of repairing the floors once they are broken. Plank wood flooring is always cheaper and easier to refurbish and replace if it is damaged or cracked. Trim nails to avoid scratches if you have pets.


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