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7 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Security

7 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Security

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by September 5, 2017 Uncategorised

Protecting your family commences with home protection. With so many home security systems available, however, it can be overwhelming to gather the home security tips. Here is a compilation of the top tips for securing your home to help you get the ball rolling. All these tips are inexpensive and easy to implement.

1. Change the Locks
When you move into a new home, ensure you remember to change all the locks in every door. Before you moved in, you never know who may have accessed the rooms or the keys. You should also work to replace the locks in any case you lost the keys to your doors at home. This is one of the most essential tips to keep your family and home safe.

2. Install an Alarm System
One of the best features for home protection or home security systems is the alarm system. The emergency authorities are informed using the home alarm systems in case of an intrusion or an attempt to intrude into your home. An intruder will never try to enter a home that has an alarm system in place. The burglar will take to his heels if he sees the alarm come on.

3. Conceal all Wiring
If your home has any protruding wiring system, ensure you conceal it. This is one way to keep your home safe. Burglars will always try to look for any wiring located on the outside of your home so that the security system can be disabled. For this reason, ensure the home security wiring systems are often hidden from the general eye.

4. Gove an Appearance that the House is Occupied
A home that doesn’t look like it is occupied attracts the eyes of the intruders. Professional burglars or intruders will look for homes that look abandoned or where the homeowner has not been present for a while. They will devise ways to get into the home. The best ways to turn the light off and on is by the use of the automatic timers to keep the intruders away while you are also away.

5. Never leave Your Key in the Mailbox
This is a fundamental home security tip that every homeowner should be aware. Most homeowners tend to forget their keys on the mailbox. Finding a key on the mailbox or under the doormat is an easy way to enter into a home without invitation. Ensure you wrap the key in the point or you can leave it at a secret place where no one knows other than your family members.

6. Light Up your Home Entrance
This is a proven home security feature by most homeowners. The best way to keep the thieves from thinking about coming to your home is by the use of lighting. You can use the infrared detector that turns the light on especially when someone is moving closer to your home. It can also light itself up when someone is closer to your area. While committing a crime, no burglar wants to be seen easily.

7. Install Deadbolt Locks
For all your exterior doors, ensure you install at least one inch of the deadbolt locks. While they tend to be costlier than the spring latch locks, deadbolts can be stronger. They also provide more protection to your home system. When you want to install the deadbolts, ensure you leave some small space between the frame and the door. This is because it provides a way for the intruder to pry the door. Use a piece of sheet metal or plywood to reinforce the doors.

In the end, protect your windows. This is because some burglars enter your home through the windows.


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