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8 Tips For Cleaning Wood Floors

8 Tips For Cleaning Wood Floors

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by August 6, 2017 Uncategorised

Keeping your house clean can be much harder than it looks. If you’re looking for new and helpful ways to keep your wood flooring clean and polished, here are our top eight recommended tips.

1. Sweep Before You Start Mopping
Before you start mopping, you should first sweep or vacuum your floor beforehand. This can help rid your floor of dirt before you mop spreads it around your clean floor. Plus, it can help prevent any scratching from mopping your wood floor.

2. Prevent Using a Wet Mop
Unfortunately, wood and water don’t work as well together as we’d like. Due to this, you should never use a wet mop to clean your floor and should use a damp mop instead. Instead of dumping slops of water onto your floor, you should squeeze out your mop beforehand to prevent any irreversible damage to your wood flooring.

3. Take Advantage of Wood Floor Cleaners
Keeping a wood floor cleaner in your home is a great way to quickly clean up spills in your home. Besides using it to clean your wood floor in general, it is great at removing dirt or common spills that most average cleaners can’t do. It’s worth taking note that spilled liquids can seriously damage your floor if they aren’t taken care of quickly. Don’t make the mistake of not having a wood floor cleaner on hand.

4. Develop a Homemade Wood Cleaning Solution
Even though cleaning solutions may be marketed as good for your wood floors, don’t always trust big brand companies. In fact, most all-purpose floor cleaners can damage your wood floor. Sometimes, the best way to clean your wood flooring is to make your own cleaning solution.
Recommended solutions include boiling a black tea bag and using the drained water to clean your floor for a brighter shine.

5. Spray Instead of Pour
When handling your wood floor cleaner, you should spray it instead of pouring it to prevent your floor from getting water damage. Simply, spray a small amount of your floor and mop it up. This is healthier for your floor than sloping water that would be sitting on your floor for hours.

6. Be Careful of Furniture Polish and Hairspray
In case you didn’t know, both furniture polish and hairspray can cloud your wood floor’s finish. Always carefully wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth if you notice either one on your floor. However, if you’re still having trouble removing it, try using a non-ammonia window cleaner for better results.

7. Keep Rain Off Your Floor
Water can potentially ruin your wood flooring and stain the surface of it. Don’t’ take any risks with rain, make sure that your windows are closed and you have a mat out for wet shoes before anyone starts walking across your hardwood flooring. Plus, if you notice any water on your floor, be sure to wipe it up immediately.

8. Put Down Area Rugs
One major thing can ruin your floor every day without you even noticing it, people walking across it. Excessive foot traffic across your finished hardwood floor can cause it to dull. Take precautionary steps and spread area rugs on places where people most commonly walk on your wood floors.

Even though hardwood floors look great when they’re finished, they cost plenty to keep them updated and well-polished. Hopefully, with the help of our eight tips for cleaning wood flooring, you can keep your wood floors clean and undamaged as much as possible.


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