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Best 5 Home Security Systems That You Can Use To Enhance Your Protection

Best 5 Home Security Systems That You Can Use To Enhance Your Protection

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by April 8, 2017 Uncategorised

In this fast-paced era, each and every being is on the run towards making more money and reaching greater heights with each passing day. We do not have time to even rest and relax a bit spending time with our near and dear ones. In this scenario, we are dependent on the best technological solutions for the security systems to take care of our family.

The top five home security systems that are available at present in the market are:

Frontpoint: The security systems developed under this brand name have been at the 1st position for the last ten years. It is a very simple, easy to use the system with a 30-day money back guarantee. Z-wave compatible technology has been used in this system for smart and hassle-free protection. However, it gives 3-year warranty and does not support landlines and phones in rural areas.

Link Interactive: The company has been on the market for 7 years and uses a Z-wave compatible technology. The company has always been known for its crystal clear and competitive pricing. But, the cancellation system of the service is pretty harsh and gives a 2-year warranty.

Protect America: The edge that this system enjoys with respect to its competitors is its lifetime warranty. is the website used by this firm to online cater to the concerns and requirements of the customers. But, it provides only landline monitoring on low priced packages and has many negative reviews from its users.

Vivint: It is a firm that is growing leaps and bounds in the current scenario as it is quite willing to accept suggestions and reviews from customers and incorporate it. It has a very flexible payment option and provides cellular monitoring to the customers. But, it has a very aggressive sales strategy and does not provide a DIY installation.

SimpliSafe: It is one of the most loved systems by the customers. It provides security on a low budget with no contract. However, It has a mandatory purchase of initial equipment and outdated design of the system. They do not provide any home automation opportunity.


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