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Four Reasons to Call a Roofer for Service This Winter

Four Reasons to Call a Roofer for Service This Winter

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by November 8, 2017 Uncategorised

During the winter months, your roof may be covered with snow and ice for much of the season, and you may not give it a second thought most days. You may assume that your roof would do its job of protecting your home from damage and more. However, there are times when roof issues may develop during the cold weather season. In fact, there are four common reasons to call a roofer to your home in the winter.

1. Ice Dams

If your roof is not properly insulated, you may have warmer and colder sections of the roof. This uneven temperature situation can also happen because of tree cover over some areas of the roof. Warmer areas could cause snow and ice to melt while other areas remain covered in snow. When this happens, the water simply pools up. This causes water to seep upward in between the shingles and to leak inside your home. Roofing services are needed to address this potentially damaging issue.

2. Damaged Gutters

Gutters serve the important purpose of channeling water off the roof and away from the home. When snow or ice melts on warmer days of the winter, the gutters must work effectively. If not, water may pool around the foundation, and this can eventually cause erosion and foundation damage. Professional roofing services can correct any gutter issues that could potentially cause serious damage to your home.

3. Roof Leaks

Ice dams are not the only roof problem that can result in damage to your roof. Leaks can also occur for other reasons, such as deterioration, pest damage and more. Any moisture that enters your home can potentially result in mold damage, water damage and more. You may spot signs of a leak when walking in your attic, or moisture may even penetrate through the ceiling and into the main areas of the home. A roofer Toronto can make repairs even in winter months to protect your home from unnecessary damage.

4. Pest Issues

When the weather turns cold, many critters seek warm shelters, and some may find a home in your attic or crawlspaces. You may hear them scurrying around or even gnawing on wires and insulation. While a pest company should be called to eradicate pests from the home, a roofing specialist can be called to seal holes where they may be able to enter.

While you may not think about your roof much during the winter months when the surface is covered with snow and ice, there are actually many instances when the services of a professional roofer may be beneficial or even needed. If you have noticed any signs of these issues, now is a good time to call a roofer to your home.


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