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How Do Home Security Systems Cut Down On Massive Losses In A Home?

How Do Home Security Systems Cut Down On Massive Losses In A Home?

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by April 23, 2017 Uncategorised

Home security is designed to protect a property from a number of threats. Burglaries and vandalism likely weigh on the minds of people whose homes are filled with valuables. Now, some might say they do not have much of value in their homes.

Homeowners are advised not to be so dismissive. Any home with running water has a very valuable commodity: copper. Specifically, there are copper pipes in the walls and basement. The right home security systems should be installed in order to prevent the disastrous scenario of copper pipes being absconded with.

The Massive Damage Scenario

Stealing copper pipe could grab a burglar a minimal amount of money. The damage done to a home when copper pipes are stolen could be massive. Smashing walls and ceiling drywall to get to the pipes is the least to be worried about. Once those pipes are torn apart while pressurized water is running through them, the released water is going to flood a home’s interior.

Within a very short period of time, a home could have three to six feet of water in the basement or elsewhere. This could cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage. Taking direct steps to reduce the chances of such a scenario occurring is important. Installing vital home security systems could help cut down on the chances of such devastation.

Remote Home Security Solutions

Home automation can be integrated into home security systems to a greater effect than many realize. Installing various cameras in the home would be a very good plan. This way, even when someone is away from home, he/she can view what is visible through the lens of the camera. Apps make this possible. In addition to being able to call the police on copper thieves, the water department can be called to shut off the main water line.

Very few people would think about a scenario such as this one, but news reports do show copper thieves have ruined entire homes by assaulting the plumbing lines. Being aware of a threat allows for taking the right steps to address the threat.

A Complete Home Security Setup

Whether a thief is attempting to abscond with copper or steal other common items in the home, an effective home security system could prevent things. The installation of motion sensors connected to light and the presence of tried and true alarms do not exactly make a home welcoming to criminals. For that reason alone, installing a great home security system makes sense.


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