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What Type of Hardwood Should You Install? 9 Types To Choose From..

What Type of Hardwood Should You Install? 9 Types To Choose From..

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by March 17, 2017 Uncategorised

Hardwood floors have a beauty and grandeur that is difficult to replicate. But it is easy to get confused among all the types available. However, you need not worry, wood flooring Toronto can help. Here are the latest hardwood floor trends to help you make your choice.

Note: All the images used in this article are taken from HGTV HOME


Distressed Wide Planks


Distressed wood flooring is currently one of the most popular types of flooring. Fewer seams and the rustic look aesthetic are appealing to variety of buyers.

Reclaimed Pine


Reclaimed Pine is a look usually reserved for historical buildings. Thus, the same in your home presents a feeling of age and heritage. The luxurious visual has proven popular.

Maple Plank


The rich warm tones of the maple brings a sense of comfort to the place. Setting it against white furniture or items creates a sense of warmth you cannot help but like.

Red Oak


Red Oak is one the most popular flooring choices currently in the market. Read Oak provides a feeling of grandeur and lavishness in any room it is placed in. It’s resistance to wear also makes it a suitable choice for rooms with a lot of footfall, like the living room.

Ebonized Hardwood


Dark colors have always formed a popular aesthetic and hardwood floors are no different. The dark clean lines of ebony give a sharp utilitarian look to any room. It is perfect for modern homes and offices. Dark hardwoods come in many forms like oak, cherry and walnut.

Reclaimed Wood


Once used abundantly to build homes and buildings, reclaimed wood has that rustic feel to it that is only present after a lot of history is associated with it. It is perfect traditional as well as modern spaces once it is treated.

Brazilian Cherry


A surprise favorite in this category remains the exotic Brazilian cherry wood. Sturdy and reasonably cheap, the hardwood gives a mosaic-like feel once processed due to multi colored grains in its bark.

White Oak Puzzle Piece


Contrary to the tradition style of wood planks, Puzzle Piece Flooring gives the feeling of a multitude of pieces fit together to create a unique picture. Designed by Jamie Beckwith, the floor can be customized to incorporate 6 different stain choices.



The abundant nature of this tree makes it a cheap, eco-friendly option if you are in a budget. The unique staining of the wood makes it unique in style.



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